Virtual Assistant Retainer Agreement Sample

Although contractual disputes and client situations are not always prevented from complying with their agreement, it is certainly helpful that you will have to prove that you did have an agreement. This may also be the last part of the hope of getting what`s right for you. Finally, the typical virtual assistant is a freelancer and according to different sources and forums; Non-payment and late payments are among the most important problems facing the liberal professions and small businesses. Be especially careful with a client who insists that you remove a crucial clause that protects your interests. Most of the time, many customers who insist that certain useful clauses be removed before signing the PDF virtual assistant contract are problem creators. They are often the ones who tend to delay payments. You should be wary of these customers. Sometimes it is best for freelancers and VAs to let some jobs go if they can`t reach an agreement with customers who work for both parties. That is, it is; A degree of flexibility in the conditions is sometimes necessary. It is up to the VA to determine what is acceptable to them and what it can compromise. This contract is reserved for virtual assistants who work with a customer for a monthly storage fee for certain hours or tasks per month. Opening hours can be weekly or monthly, and projects can include social media management, administrative tasks, blog writing, graphic design, accounting and really all the virtual services you want to offer! Some customers also want other restrictive alliances.

Therefore, a virtual assistant contract may include them in the form of a non-compete clause. This clause is intended to limit your ability to resume a transaction similar to that of a customer during the duration of your contract. It may also contain a non-requirement clause that prevents one party from asking customers for the other party. This clause is particularly common for virtual assistance companies that hire subcontractors, as it helps to make the subcontractor ember customers. However, note that the applicability of such alliances may vary, so you should check the applicability of such agreements in your state. Otherwise, such clauses would only increase your contract without increasing the destitution of their business relationship. What do you mean? By adding a clause indicating the process to be followed to terminate the contract. The termination period required before the effective termination.

As mentioned above, customers and VAs are known to terminate contracts without notice; leave the other party in fact stranded and with what has happened. It is therefore important to define in writing the conditions that define the length of time the termination must be heard before the termination of the contract. Payment terms. It is only right that an VA be paid for the work done up to the date the termination takes effect.